(Tuesday @ 9:30 am)
(Thursday @ 6:00 pm)
(Drop in fee $7 for CF Members $10 for Non-Members)

What is Yo-Chi™

Yo-Chi combines the world’s two oldest mind-body disciplines, Yoga and T’ai Chi, to create a unique, effective movement experience. This class focuses on enhancing stability and mobility to increase overall wellness and practical function both on and off the mat.

To facilitate the experience, creator Lawrence Biscontini selected eight of the most effective, stabilizing Yoga postures and eight of the most mindful, functional T’ai Chi forms. He then fused these formats together to create a dynamic enjoyable cross-training program.

A typical Yo-Chi™ class is anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes in length. The set begins with a fusion-style warm-up, progresses into alternating five-minute segments of stability enhancing Yoga and mobility focused T’ai Chi, and concludes with a fusion-style finale/cool-down.